Quantum Information and Quantum Systems in Silicon

Physics department –Université de Sherbrooke – Institut Quantique

We are a young team developing innovative devices for quantum information based on silicon technology.

Our research focuses on spins qubits in quantum dots or dopants implanted in silicon. We use CMOS transistors technology to address the spins, allowing easy access, a good control and an ideal plateform for scalability. We are also developing interfaces with superconducting circuits to provide long distance coupling between CMOS units.

A few pictures from the lab

more to come...


Eva Dupont-Ferrier : PI; Clément Godfrin : postdoc; Joffrey Rivard : Master Student; François Naud : Undergrad; Baptiste Cauchard : intern; Camille le Callonec : intern; Sarah Labbé : Technician ; Stéfanie Lord : Administrative assistant.


Bluefors Fridge LD 250, 5T/1T/1T vector magnet, bottom loading. DC source (Bilt) : Ultra low noise high resolution Voltage source. Microwave equipement : 40GHz VNA, 40GHZ microwave source


We benefit from clean room access of the Physics department, as well as from the 3IT. nano : https://www.usherbrooke.ca/3it/english/infrastructure/3itnano-technical-platform/.