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Journal Article
A. - M. S. Tremblay, Feng, S., et Breton, P., « Exponents for 1/f noise, near a continuum percolation threshold », Physical Review B, vol. 33, p. 2077-2080, 1986.PDF icon PhysRevB.33.2077.pdf (438.14 KB)
R. Rammal, Tannous, C., Breton, P., et Tremblay, A. - M. S., « Flicker (1f) noise in percolation networks: A new hierarchy of exponents », Physical Review Letters, vol. 54, p. 1718-1721, 1985.PDF icon PhysRevLett.54.1718.pdf (200.29 KB)
B. Fourcade, Breton, P., et Tremblay, A. - M. S., « Multifractals and critical phenomena in percolating networks: Fixed point, gap scaling, and universality », Physical Review B, vol. 36, p. 8925-8928, 1987.PDF icon PhysRevB.36.8925.pdf (193.06 KB)
A. Aharony, Blumenfeld, R., Breton, P., Fourcade, B., Harris, A. B., Meir, Y., et Tremblay, A. - M. S., « Negative Moments of Currents In Percolating Resistor Networks », Physical Review B, vol. 40, p. 7318–7320, 1989.PDF icon PhysRevB.40.7318.pdf (100.24 KB)
A. - M. S. Tremblay et Breton, P., « Position-space rescaling and hierarchical lattice models of disordered one-dimensional systems (invited) », Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 55, p. 2389-2394, 1984.PDF icon JApplPhys_55_2389.pdf (495.2 KB)
M. A. Lemieux, Breton, P., et Tremblay, A. - M. S., « Unified Approach to Numerical Transfer Matrix Methods for Disordered Systems: Applications to Mixed Crystals and to Elasticity Percolation », Journal de physique - Lettres, vol. 46, p. L1-L7, 1985.PDF icon Unified_approach_to_numerical_transfert_matrix_methods.pdf (544.96 KB)