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Journal Article
V. Hankevych, Kyung, B., Dare, A. M., Sénéchal, D., et Tremblay, A. - M. S., « Strong- and weak-coupling mechanisms for pseudogap in electron-doped cuprates », Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, vol. 67, p. 189–192, 2006.PDF icon Strong and weak coupling mechanisms for pseudogap in e-doped, Hankevych, Kyung, Dare, Senechal, Tremblay, 2004.pdf (248.26 KB)
B. Kyung, Hankevych, V., Dare, A. M., et Tremblay, A. - M. S., « Pseudogap and spin fluctuations in the normal state of the electron-doped cuprates », Physical Review Letters, vol. 93, p. 147994/1-4, 2004.PDF icon PhysRevLett.93.147004.pdf (157.69 KB)
A. F. Veilleux, Dare, A. M., Chen, L. A., Vilk, Y. M., et Tremblay, A. - M. S., « Magnetic and pair correlations of the Hubbard model with next-nearest-neighbor hopping », Physical Review B, vol. 52, p. 16255–16263, 1995.PDF icon magnetic and pair correlations with nn hopping, veilleux, daré, chen, vilk, tremblay, 1995.pdf (798.94 KB)
A. M. Dare, Raymond, L., Albinet, G., et Tremblay, A. - M. S., « Interaction-induced adiabatic cooling for antiferromagnetism in optical lattices », Physical Review B, vol. 76, p. 064492/1-10, 2007.PDF icon Interaction-induced adiabatic cooling for antiferromagnetism in optical lattices, Dare, Raymond, Albinet, Tremblay.pdf (252.71 KB)
A. M. Dare, Vilk, Y. M., et Tremblay, A. - M. S., « Crossover from two- to three-dimensional critical behavior for nearly antiferromagnetic itinerant electrons », Physical Review B, vol. 53, p. 14236–14251, 1996.PDF icon Crossover from two to three dimensional critical behavior in nearly AFM electrons, Dare, Vilk, Tremblay.pdf (278.37 KB)