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Journal Article
R. P. Sharma, Fournier, P., Greene, R. L., Venkatesan, T., Mitchell, J. F., et Miller, D., « The complex magnetic behavior and the role of dynamic structural fluctuations in La[sub 1.2]Sr[sub 1.8]Mn[sub 2]O[sub 7] crystals », The 7th joint MMM-intermag conference on magnetism and magnetic materials, vol. 83, p. 7351-7353, 1998.
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D. Sénéchal, « The Variational Cluster Approximation for Hubbard Models: Practical Implementation », High Performance Computing Systems and Applications, 2008. HPCS 2008. 22nd International Symposium on, p. 9-15, 2008.PDF icon PDF (362.49 KB)