Physics departement personal web pages


This site hosts the personal web pages of members of the Physics department at the Université de Sherbrooke.
Please click on the links below to access each member's personal page.

Note: Only those who have a web page on this site or other have a link below.
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Professor emeritus

Adjunct professors

Jérôme Bourassa
Malcolm Carroll
Louis Gaudreau
Guy Quirion


Jean-Charles Forgues
Sylvain Turcotte

Professional researchers

Maxime Dion
Nicolas Doiron-Leyraud
Christian Lupien
Reza Nourafkan
Stéphane Virally


Arash Akbari
Thomas Baker
Christopher Chubb
Pierre Février
Ryan Foote
Clément Godfrin
Adrien Gourgout
Joël Griesmar
Gaël Grissonnanche
Jonathan Gross
Sarbajaya Kundu
Yunlong Lian
Yehua Liu
Sabeur Mansouri
Mathieu Massicotte
Anirban Ch Narayan Chowdhury
Alexandru Petrescu
Sanghita Sengupta
Colin Trout
Simon Verret
Yan Wang (2017)