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V. Nekvasil, Jandl, S., Cardona, M., Divi{\v s}, M., and Nugroho, A. A., 4f-levels in rare earth cuprates: Crystal field and exchange interaction, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, vol. 323-324, pp. 549-553, 2001.
V. Nekvasil, Jandl, S., Barba, D., Martin, A. A., Cardona, M., Divi{\v s}, M., Mary{\v s}ko, M., and Wolf, T., Crystal field effect on the f-levels of R1+xBa 2-xCu3O6+δ (R = Sm, Nd), Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, vol. 226-230, pp. 985-987, 2001.
D. Barba, Jandl, S., Nekvasil, V., Mary{\v s}ko, M., Divi{\v s}, M., Martin, A. A., Lin, C. T., Cardona, M., and Wolf, T., Infrared transmission study of crystal-field excitations in Sm1+xBa2-xCu3O6+y, Physical Review B, vol. 63, pp. 545281-5452810, 2001.
G. Riou, Jandl, S., Poirier, M., Nekvasil, V., Divi{\v s}, M., Fournier, P., Greene, R. L., Zhigunov, D. I., and Barilo, S. N., Infrared transmission study of Pr2CuO4 crystal-field excitations, European Physical Journal B, vol. 23, pp. 179-182, 2001.
I. Loa, Divi{\v s}, M., Nekvasil, V., Jandl, S., Syassen, K., Nugroho, A. A., and Menovsky, A. A., Raman study of crystal-field excitations in Nd2CuO4 under pressure, Physical Review B, vol. 64, pp. 2141061-2141066, 2001.