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P. Mathieu and Sénéchal, D., A well-defined multicritical series in the Hermitian one-matrix model, Physics Letters B, vol. 267, pp. 475–480, 1991.
A. Payeur and Sénéchal, D., Variational cluster approximation study of the one-dimensional Holstein-Hubbard model at half filling, Phys. Rev. B, vol. 83, p. 033104, 2011.PDF icon PDF (331.27 KB)
D. Sénéchal, The Variational Cluster Approximation for Hubbard Models: Practical Implementation, High Performance Computing Systems and Applications, 2008. HPCS 2008. 22nd International Symposium on, pp. 9-15, 2008.PDF icon PDF (362.49 KB)
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D. Sénéchal, Superconductivity in the subatomic realm, Physics in Canada/La physique au Canada, vol. 67, 2011.PDF icon PDF (6.32 MB)
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S. Pairault, Sénéchal, D., and Tremblay, A. - M. S., Strong-coupling expansion for the Hubbard model, Physical Review Letters, vol. 80, pp. 5389–5392, 1998.PDF icon Strong coupling expansion for Hubbard, Pairault, Sénéchal, Tremblay, 1998.pdf (193.04 KB)
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S. Hassan, Sriluckshmy, P., Goyal, S., Shankar, R., and Sénéchal, D., Stable Algebraic Spin Liquid in a Hubbard Model, Physical Review Letters, vol. 110, no. 3, 2013.PDF icon PDF (817.48 KB)
D. Allen and Sénéchal, D., The spin-1 ladder : A bosonization study, Physical Review B, vol. 61, pp. 12134–12142, 2000.PDF icon Allen2000lh.pdf (236.03 KB)
Spin texture in a bilayer high-temperature cuprate superconductor, Physical Review B, vol. 104, 2021.
Spin density wave order in interacting type-I and type-II Weyl semimetals, Physical Review B, vol. 103, 2021.
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D. Allen and Sénéchal, D., Semiclassical description of the frustrated antiferromagnetic chain, Physical Review B, vol. 51, pp. 6394–6401, 1995.PDF icon Allen1995fu.pdf (2.6 MB)
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D. Sénéchal, Search for four-dimensional string models, Phys. Rev. D, vol. 39, pp. 3717–3730, 1989.PDF icon Senechal1989gd.pdf (2.53 MB)