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barium compounds
S. Savard, Fournier, P., and Morris, D., Terahertz Radiation from YBa2Cu3O7-d; Thin Film Antenna on LaAlO3 Substrate, Infrared Millimeter Waves and 14th International Conference on Teraherz Electronics, 2006. IRMMW-THz 2006. Joint 31st International Conference on, pp. 209 -209, 2006.
cerium compounds
G. Côté, Poirier, M., and Fournier, P., Complex microwave conductivity of Pr[sub 1.85]Ce[sub 0.15]CuO[sub 4 - delta] thin films using a cavity perturbation method, Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 104, p. 123914, 2008.
J. Gauthier, Gagné, S., Renaud, J., Gosselin, M. - È., Fournier, P., and Richard, P., Different roles of cerium substitution and oxygen reduction in transport in Pr[sub 2 - x]Ce[sub x]CuO[sub 4] thin films, Physical Review B, vol. 75, p. 024424, 2007.
C. C. Homes, Lobo, R. P. S. M., Fournier, P., Zimmers, A., and Greene, R. L., Optical determination of the superconducting energy gap in electron-doped Pr[sub 1.85]Ce[sub 0.15]CuO[sub 4], Physical Review B, vol. 74, p. 214515, 2006.
G. S. Jenkins, Schmadel, D. C., Bach, P. L., Greene, R. L., Béchamp-Laganière, X., Roberge, G., Fournier, P., and Drew, H. D., Terahertz magnetotransport measurements in underdoped Pr[sub 2 - x]Ce[sub x]CuO[sub 4] and comparison with angle-resolved photoemission, Physical Review B, vol. 79, p. 224525, 2009.
G. Roberge, Charpentier, S., Godin-Proulx, S., and Fournier, P., Ramp-edge Josephson junctions made of Pr[sub 2 - x]Ce[sub x]CuO[sub 4 [plus-minus] delta ] electrodes and barriers, Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 109, p. 073912, 2011.