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B. Kyung, Sénéchal, D., and Tremblay, A. - M. S., Pairing dynamics in strongly correlated superconductivity, Physical Review B, vol. 80, pp. 205109/1-8, 2009.PDF icon PDF (277.61 KB)
X. Lu and Sénéchal, D., Parity-mixing superconducting phase in the Rashba-Hubbard model and its topological properties from dynamical mean-field theory, Physical Review B, vol. 98, 2018.
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Proximity effect in a heterostructure of a high-Tc superconductor with a topological insulator from dynamical mean field theory, Physical Review B, vol. 101, 2020.
A. - M. S. Tremblay, Kyung, B., and Sénéchal, D., Pseudogap and high-temperature superconductivity from weak to strong coupling. Towards a quantitative theory, Low Temperature Physics, vol. 32, pp. 424–451, 2006.PDF icon Pseudogap and high-temperature superconductivity from weak to strong coupling. Towards quantitative theory, Tremblay, Kyung, Senechal, 2005_LTP_32.pdf (1.01 MB)
B. Kyung, Kancharla, S. S., Sénéchal, D., Tremblay, A. - M. S., Civelli, M., and Kotliar, G., Pseudogap induced by short-range spin correlations in a doped Mott insulator, Physical Review B, vol. 73, pp. 1651114/1-6, 2006.PDF icon PDF (1.15 MB)
Pseudogap transition within the superconducting phase in the three-band Hubbard model, Physical Review B, vol. 100, 2019.
J. P. L. Faye and Sénéchal, D., Pseudogap-to-metal transition in the anisotropic two-dimensional Hubbard model, Physical Review B, vol. 96, 2017.PDF icon PDF (1.69 MB)
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D. Allen and Sénéchal, D., Semiclassical description of the frustrated antiferromagnetic chain, Physical Review B, vol. 51, pp. 6394–6401, 1995.PDF icon Allen1995fu.pdf (2.6 MB)
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D. Sénéchal, Perez, D., and Pioro-Ladrière, M., Spectral Weight of the Hubbard Model through Cluster Perturbation Theory, Physical Review Letters, vol. 84, pp. 522-525, 2000.PDF icon Senechal2000.pdf (943.34 KB)
Spin density wave order in interacting type-I and type-II Weyl semimetals, Physical Review B, vol. 103, 2021.
Spin texture in a bilayer high-temperature cuprate superconductor, Physical Review B, vol. 104, 2021.
D. Allen and Sénéchal, D., The spin-1 ladder : A bosonization study, Physical Review B, vol. 61, pp. 12134–12142, 2000.PDF icon Allen2000lh.pdf (236.03 KB)