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A. S. Sachrajda, Pioro-Ladrière, M., Ciorga, M., Studenikin, S., Zawadzki, P., Hawrylak, P., Lapointe, J., Wasilewski, Z. R., and Gupta, J. A., Charge redistribution spectroscopy as a probe of spin phenomena in quantum dots, in AIP Conference Proceedings, 2005, vol. 772, pp. 1303-1306.
M. Pioro-Ladrière, Abolfath, R., Zawadzki, P., Lapointe, J., Studenikin, S. A., Sachrajda, A. S., and Hawrylak, P., Charge sensing of an artificial H2+ molecule in lateral quantum dots, Physical Review B, vol. 72, pp. 1-5, 2005.
L. Gaudreau, Granger, G., Kam, A., Aers, G. C., Studenikin, S. A., Zawadzki, P., Pioro-Ladrière, M., Wasilewski, Z. R., and Sachrajda, A. S., Coherent control of three-spin states in a triple quantum dot, Nat Phys, vol. 8, pp. 54–58, 2012.
M. Ciorga, Wensauer, A., Pioro-Ladrière, M., Korkusinski, M., Kyriakidis, J., Sachrajda, A. S., and Hawrylak, P., Collapse of the spin-singlet phase in quantum dots, Physical Review Letters, vol. 88, pp. 2568041-2568044, 2002.
M. Ciorga, Pioro-Ladrière, M., Zawadzki, P., Lapointe, J., Wasilewski, Z., and Sachrajda, A. S., Coulomb and spin blockade of two few-electron quantum dots in series in the cotunneling regime, Physical Review B, vol. 70, pp. 1-5, 2004.