André-Marie Tremblay

Full Professor and Research Chair in the theory of quantum materials 2015-2020

telephone : 819-821-8000 ext. 62058
fax : 819-821-8046
email : tremblay AT
office : D2-1072

Postal Address

Physics Department
University of Sherbrooke
2500, boul. de l'Université
Sherbrooke, Québec
J1K 2R1 Canada


Merit fellowships for foreign students from the Government of Québec

Fellowships for foreign students at the PhD, or PDF level, or for short stays.

Internal competition date for Université de Sherbrooke: 21 August 2020. Please contact me before 5 August 2020.



A paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences with Chinese collaborators on linear scattering rate in cuprates : a fundamental limit?

Finding the strength of interactions through ARPES measurements, a paper by Chloé Gauvin-Ndiaye and intern Marguerite Setrakian in Phys. Rev. Lett. Feb. 2022

Prize for the excellence of mentoring graduate sutents in research at Université de Sherbrooke 2022.

Publication in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on the mechanism of superconductivity in cuprates

Chloé-Aminata Gauvin-Ndiaye earned a Vanier 2020 excellence fellowship.

Unconventional superconductivity, a paper by Olivier Gingras in PRL 2020

A collaboration with Princeton on cold atoms: Reza Nourafkan

Unifying concepts of quantum information and quantum materials

Shaheen Acheche obtained his PhD in janvier 2019 and has a research position in France

Simon Verret earned an IVADO scholarship in 2019 for a joint project on artificial intelligence with Institut quantique

From April 2019, Olivier Simard will begin a PhD in Fribourg Switzerland with Prof. Phillip Werner following his Master's degree in 2019.

Alexis Reymbaut joined in February 2019 a Swedish team for a postdoc on magnetic resonnance imaging.

A fifth school on computational quantum materials was held in Jouvence in June 2018. More than 70 students from all over the world were registered. Achives are on the Web.

In January 2018, Maxime Charlebois became postdoctoral researcher in the groupe of Professor Masatoshi Imada at Tokyo University.

Louis Bourassa obtained his MSc in June 2017: Transition de Mott et supraconductivité dans les matériaux organiques

Patick Sémon has a researcher postition at Brookhaven National Laboratory since January 2017.

Co-organizer of a research workshop in Aspen, July-August 2016

Anne-Marie Gagnon obtained her MSc in May 2016: Une méthode alternative pour obtenir le pouvoir thermoélectrique à température finie

A fourth international summer school on Computational Quantum Materials was held in Jouvence in June 2016. More than 70 students from every part of the world participated. The school archives are on its Web site.

$33.5M grant for research on quantum materials and quantum information in Sherbrooke

Patrick Sémon obtained his Phd and joined the team of G. Kotliar and K. Haule in November 2014.

The third Summer School on Computational Methods for Quantum Materials was held in Magog in May 2014. It attracted 70 international participants and more than 10 world class lecturers.

Louis-François Arsenault obtained his PhD and moved in February 2012 for a joint postdoc with A. Millis at Columbia and Peter Littlewood at Argonne National Lab.



Research area

Theoretical studies of strongly correlated electrons (or quantum materials) focusing mostly on models for high-temperature superconductors and layered organic superconductors.

Quantum Materials

Properties of high-temperature superconductors and layered organic superconductors cannot be explained by conventional theoretical approaches, despite the fact that these approaches have had spectacular sucesses. These successes are visible today in particular in modern electronics, that was built on the detailed fundamental understanding of semiconductors, metals and magnetic materials.

The conceptual and methodological challenges of high-temperature superconductor extends to many other classes of materials that have in common a very large anisotropy (one- or two-dimensional), the presence of strong interactions between electrons and the importance of collective quantum phenomena. These materials are collectively known as quantum materials. In addition to superconductivity, they can exhibit other spectacular and technologically useful properties such as unusually large thermopower, magnetoresistance, magnetocaloric effects etc...

Ongoing Research

  • Calculations of specific properties and mechanisms of strongly correlated superconductivity, including high-temperature superconductors, organic superconductors and other forms of non-conventional superconductivity using cluster generalizations of dynamical mean field theory.
  • Development of new methodology for strongly correlated electrons: Quantum Impurity solvers, Two-particle Self-Consistent Approach, inhomogeneous systems such as heterostructures...


  • B.Sc., Université de Montréal, 1974;
  • Ph.D., M.I.T., 1978;
  • Postdoctoral fellow, Cornell, 1980;



Visiting Scientist

  • Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853 Septembre 86 - Septembre 87
  • Yale University, Septembre 2003 - January 2004.

Visiting Research Scientist

  • Institute for Theoretical Physics          Santa Barbara, California 4 Jan.- 4 March 89
  • Institute for Theoretical Physics          Santa Barbara,California 25 March-10 May 96.
  • Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences,      Cambridge, UK, 1 - 24 Feb. 2000
  • Institute for Theoretical Physics          Santa Barbara,Ca, 29 Aug. 2000 - 27 Jan. 2001.
  • Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics  Santa Barbara, Ca, 29 Jul. - 15 Aug. 2002
  • Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics  Santa Barbara, Ca, 13 Jul.. - 15 Aug. 2009

Associate professor

  • Université Laval, 2 Nov. 2010 - 1 Nov. 2013
  • Université Laval, 23 Oct. 2015 - 22 Oct. 2018

Research scholar

  • Harvard University, 6 Sept. 2011 - 19 Dec. 2011
  • Rutgers University, 15 Jan. 2012 - 26 Apr. 2012

Perimeter Institute Long Distance Affiliate Member

  • 30 Jan. 2012 - 30 Jan. 2015
  • 30 Jan. 2015 - 30 Jan. 2018

One month research chair for foreign scholar at Collège de France, 6 March - 3 April 2015

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    I had two thesis supervisors: Bruce Patton (MIT) et Paul Martin (Harvard)

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