Theoretical Methods For Strongly Correlated Electrons

TitleTheoretical Methods For Strongly Correlated Electrons
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsAllen, S, Tremblay, A-MS, Vilk, YM
EditorSénéchal, D, Tremblay, A-MS, Bourbonnais, C
ChapterConserving approximations vs. two-particle self-consistent approach

The conserving approximation scheme to many-body problems was developed by Kadanoff and Baym using the functional-derivative approach. Another approach for the Hubbard model also satisfies conservation laws, but in addition it satisfies the Pauli principle and a number of sum rules. A concise formal derivation of that approach, using functional derivatives, is given in this conference paper to highlight formal analogies and differences with conserving approximations.

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