Magnetism and d-wave superconductivity on the half-filled square lattice with frustration

TitreMagnetism and d-wave superconductivity on the half-filled square lattice with frustration
Type de publicationJournal Article
Nouvelles publications2008
AuteursNevidomskyy, AH, Scheiber, C, Sénéchal, D, Tremblay, A-MS
JournalPhysical Review B
Année de publication2008

The role of frustration and interaction strength on the half-filled Hubbard model is studied on the square lattice with nearest- and next-nearest-neighbor hoppings t and t(') using the variational cluster approximation (VCA). At half-filling, we find two phases with long-range antiferromagnetic (AF) order: the usual Neel phase, stable at small frustration t(')/t, and the so-called collinear (or superantiferromagnet) phase with ordering wave vector (pi,0) or (0,pi), stable for large frustration. These are separated by a phase with no detectable long-range magnetic order. We also find the d-wave superconducting (SC) phase (d(x)(2)-y(2)), which is favored by frustration if it is not too large. Intriguingly, there is a broad region of coexistence where both AF and SC order parameters have nonzero values. In addition, the physics of the metal-insulator transition in the normal state is analyzed. The results obtained with the help of the VCA method are compared with the large-U expansion of the Hubbard model and known results for the frustrated J(1)-J(2) Heisenberg model. These results are relevant for pressure studies of undoped parents of the high-temperature superconductors: we predict that an insulator to d-wave SC transition may appear under pressure.

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