Patrick Clancy

University of Toronto
Exploring Spin-Orbit-Driven Physics in Iridates

The physics of 5d transition metal oxides, such as iridates, has recently sparked significant interest due to the potential for novel electronic and magnetic ground states driven by strong spin-orbit coupling effects.  One of the most striking examples of such phenomena is provided by Sr2IrO4, a layered perovskite material which has been proposed as the first experimental realization of a j_eff = 1/2 spin-orbital Mott insulator.  Intriguing similarities between Sr2IrO4 and La2CuO4, the parent compound of the high-Tc cuprates, have also led to predictions that superconductivity may be induced in this system via chemical doping.  In this talk, I will provide an introduction to spin-orbit-induced physics in the iridates, and describe what we can learn about these materials using resonant x-ray techniques.  In particular, I will present recent experimental data which allows us to probe the effects of doping and epitaxial strain on the magnetic structure, phase diagram, and characteristic excitations of these novel systems.