A public software: analytic continuation of numerical data

Ω Maxent is a highly optimized code for analytic continuation of numerical data obtained in imaginary time or frequency. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPLv3).

It uses the maximum-entropy approach, especially useful whenever the data contains some numerical uncertainties, like in Monte-Carlo based calculations.

This freely available C++ software runs on Linux and Mac platforms. It is both fast and accurate and offers quality-of-fit diagnostic tools. It can handle fermionic and bosonic input Green functions, self-energies, or correlation functions, both in Matsubara frequency or imaginary time, and with arbitrary covariance. All aspects of the implementation critical for accuracy and speed are optimized using specific numerical methods. It uses an approach for choosing the optimal value of the entropy weight α that explicitly maximizes the amount of information extracted from the data.

Users are kindly requested to quote the following paper: Citation

The software is available on GitHub   https://github.com/amstremblay/OmegaMaxEnt/ or on the home page http://www.physique.usherbrooke.ca/MaxEnt/index.php/Main_Page