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You will find here links to some press coverage of my research

Training a neural net to decode quantum codes

Phys.org Phys.org describes our neural net decoder for quantum codes.

The 2016 Physics Nobel prize: Topological phases and phase transitions

In an interview conducted in the program «Les années lumières» of the french CBC, I explain the discoveries which were recognized by the 2016 Physics Nobel prize. Listen to the program here.

The promises of a quantum computer

Article from magazine Science et Avenir explains the prospects of a quantum computer and discusses the realizations and future obstacles facing the companie D-Wave. Some of my comments are enclosed. [pdf]

Evolution theory applies to particles...

Article from magazine Science et Vie illustrates how Darwin's idea on evolution have influenced theories in other scientific disciplines. My work with Harold Olivier and Wojciech Zurek on redundant spreading of information in an environment is one such example. [pdf]

50 challenges for 2050

Researchers from EPIQ are featured in an article from magazine Québec Science that propose, for its 500th edition, 50 challenges that will reshape our society by 2050.

Read article (subscription required)

Quantum Metropolis algorithms

  Many pieces have been written on our quantum Metropolis algorithm

UdeS Press release
Bulletins electroniques [pdf]
Branchez-vous [pdf]
Techno-Science [pdf]
CORDIS (Comission européenne) [pdf]
Everyday Science [pdf]
International Press

Fast decoders for topological codes

Coverage from FQRNT's GÉNIAL magazine describing some of my 2009 publications, and in particular fast decoders for topological codes and algorithms to prepare ground and thermal states on quantum computers  [html]

UdeS Press release: Des informations quantiques robustes enfin décodées [read the release]

Quantum algorithms to prepare ground and thermal state

UdeS Press release: Un physicien de l'UdeS découvre une nouvelle application à l'ordinateur quantique [read the release]

Le cantique des quantiques

With colleague Alexandre Blais, I participated in a documentary titled «Le cantique des quantique» presented in the program Campus of Canal Savoir, february 2009. [read the details]

Generalization of quantum error correction

Report published in the Science magazine describing mu work, with collaborators Laflamme and Kribs, on generalization of quantum error correction [html, pdf] .

Quantum Darwinism

Report published in Nature news describing my work on decoherence with collaborators Zurek and Ollivier [html, pdf].

Chat with Leggett @ l'ICRA

My participation at the annual meeting of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIfAR) was described in their magazine Reach [html, pdf]

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