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Paul C. Martin

John H. Van Vleck Professor of Pure and Applied Physics

Ph.D. 1954
Harvard University

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Paul Martin has broad interests in theoretical physics. He has made lasting contributions in the fields of nuclear, atomic, and condensed matter physics. After twenty years of heavy involvement in university administration, he is resuming research on complex non- equilibrium phenomena. Professor Martin's earlier work on many-body systems, hydrodynamics, bose condensation, non-equilibrium dynamics, chaos, and turbulence is central to much current work on these topics. He plans to work on problems where recent experimental research has rekindled interest and highlighted unresolved problems. In particular, he plans to investigate the dynamics of the formation of bose condensates and related dynamical critical phenomena. He will also be working on ways to characterize rigorously and to calculate systematically "nearly coherent" classical electromagnetic phenomena.

Over the past two decades, as Dean of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Professor Martin has been exposed to a much wider range of research - in areas that include complex materials, hydrology and flow through porous media, dynamic meteorology and environmental modeling, algorithms and high-speed digital network congestion, devices and signals - as well as to a host of problems involving history, policy, and education in science and technology. In each of these areas, problems have arisen to which he fancied he could contribute. In collaborations with students and colleagues he may.

Selected Publications:

P. Martin and J. Schwinger, "Theory of many-particle systems." Phys. Rev. 115: 1342 (1959).

P. Martin and L. P. Kadanoff, "Hydrodynamic equations and correlation functions." Ann. Phys. 24: 419 (1963).

P. Martin and C. DeDominicis, "Stationary entropy principle and renormalization in quantum systems," I, II J. Math. Phys. 5: 14 (1964).

P. Martin and P.C. Hohenberg, "Microscopic theory of helium." Ann. of Phys. 34: 291 (1965).

P. Martin, E.D. Siggia, and H.A. Rose, "Statistical dynamics of classical systems." Phys. Rev. A 8: 423 (1973).

P. Martin, B. Shraiman, and C.E. Wayne, "Scaling theory for noisy period-doubling transitions to chaos." Phys. Rev. Lett. 46: 935 (1981).

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