Quantum Cavities Workshop 2022

The 6th edition of the Quantum Cavities Workshop will take place from May 29th to June 1st 2022 in Jouvence, Québec, Canada.

Workshop schedule:

Poster session (Sponsored by Nord Quantique):
The poster session will be on the evening of the first full day of the workshop. Posters will be up for the duration of the workshop. If possible, please print your poster in a vertical rather than horizontal format.

Confirmed participants

Travelling to the workshop:
The event will take place at the Jouvence resort, near Sherbrooke. The closest airport is the Montreal Pierre Eliot Trudeau airport (YUL). To travel from the airport to the resort, the best options are :

  • Driving between YUL and Jouvence will take ~ 1h30 with a rented car, if there is no traffic (https://goo.gl/maps/266CpjkDS417dFB76).
  • If you wish to offer carpooling to fellow participants here is a link to a google spreadsheet.
  • Aeronavette (152$/person, round trip) which will take you directly from the airport to the resort. This is the simplest option, but they can be very slow to leave the airport and will want to pick you up very early from Jouvence. Use this link to book transportation with them specifically for this workshop.

Lodging and meals:
If you have not already done so, please fill in this form with important information about Jouvence (deadline: May 13th). Thanks to the meeting sponsors, local costs (accommodations and meals) in Jouvence are covered. No need to book a room: if you are on the confirmed participant list, this will be taken care of for you. Please note that the accommodations are not traditional hotel rooms and have a more ‘rustic’ aspect that fits with the natural environment in Jouvence. Post-docs and trainees will share accommodations. Important note: Although local expenses will be covered by the workshop, Jouvence will require a credit card for incidental charges. Note that American Express is not accepted at Jouvence.

About Jouvence:
Jouvence is located in the Mont-Orford National Park with easy access to a lake and hiking trails. The schedule is organized such that there will be plenty of interaction time, with the opportunity to enjoy the park amenities (hiking, swimming, canoeing/kayaking, etc). We encourage participants to pack accordingly.

COVID-related restrictions:
Staring April 1st, pre-entry COVID tests are no longer required for fully vaccinated travelers entering Canada. Masks are required indoors in Québec, but this may change starting mid-May. If you need to make a PCR test in order to travel back to your home country, this can be done directly at the YUL airport or in advance in Sherbrooke or Magog (closer to Jouvence but less availability than the Sherbrooke lab).

Questions? Comments?
Write to quantum.cavities@usherbrooke.ca

Workshop sponsors