Laboratory Equipment

Dilution refrigerator (20mK)

Fridge support structure and 8.5 T superconducting magnet

Gas handling system for dilution refrigerator

Pump room

Electronics rack for
dilution fridge

High homogeneity NMR magnet (14 Tesla)
with variable temperature insert (1.5 - 300 K)

NMR spectrometer
(5-500 MHz, 1 kW)

Ultrasonic interferometer

18 T magnet with VTI and Dilution refrigerator

Shared Infrastructure

At the Université de Sherbrooke we are privileged to have a diverse set of high quality shared infrastructure that is maintained by dedicated and skilled technicians.

Quantum Design MPMS

Machine shop

Helium liquefier

Extensive clean room facilities

X-ray diffractometer