Poster Session

A poster session will be held during the summer school. All summer school attendees are encouraged to bring a poster.

A separate poster session will be held during the CIFAR Main Meeting. If you wish to present your poster at the main meeting, you will need to provide a 1-page advertisement slide (pdf) to be presented during the main meeting before the poster session.

If in your registration for the CIFAR Summer School 2014 you mentioned presenting a poster at the CIFAR Main Meeting, you will be advertising your poster at the Main Meeting (1 minute maximum). For that purpose you should send us this ad under a PDF page that you will present in front of the people attending the Main Meeting. Please send us this ad before May 2nd.

If you have questions, please write to us at

Poster list & Abstracts

Amorim Cassio Nagoya University Numerical braiding of Majorana Fermions on finite size nanowires Abstract
Anderson Rhys University of Toronto Quantum Phase Transitions in an Optical Lattice Abstract
Brian Kim Stanford University Device Application for Epitaxial Anatase TiO2 Using Termination Layer Control Abstract
Chiu Ching-Kai University of British Columbia Majorana fermion exchange in strictly one dimensional structures Abstract
Clark Lucy McMaster University Spin Frustration in Lu2Mo2O7 and Lu2Mo2O5N2 Pyrochlores Abstract
Ghamari Sedigh McMaster University RG Analysis on a Neck-Narrowing Lifshitz Transition in the Presence of Weak Short-Range Interactions in Two Dimensions Abstract
Granstrom Chris University of Toronto Point-Contact Andreev Reflection Spectroscopy of Bismuth-Chalcogenide Topological Insulators Abstract
Grissonnanche Gaël Université de Sherbrooke Thermal Hall effect in underdoped cuprates Abstract
Huang Wen McMaster University Non-topological nature of the edge current of chiral p-wave superfluids Abstract
Komijani Yashar University of British Columbia Quantum critical point in singe channel normal and topological superconductor junctions Abstract
Lithgow Calum University of St Andrews Hall Effect Measurements on Ferromagnetic Superconductor UGe2 Abstract
S. Mahyad Aghigh University of British Columbia Anisotropy Study of Microwave Electrodynamics in Tl-2201 Abstract
Noad Hilary Stanford University Stripes of enhanced transition temperature in superconducting strontium titanate Abstract
Petrescu Alexandru Yale University and Ecole Polytechnique Bose-Hubbard Haldane Model Abstract
Roncaioli Connor University of Maryland Thermal Treatment and the Collapse Transition in Sn-flux grown CaFe2As2 Abstract
Sahota Derek Simon Fraser University Point-Contact Andreev Reflection Spectroscopy of Bismuth-Chalcogenide Topological Insulators Abstract
Savary Lucile University of California A New Type of Quantum Criticality in the Pyrochlore Iridates Abstract
Schaffer Robert University of Toronto Spin-orbital liquids in non-Kramers magnet on Kagome lattice Abstract
Shibata Daisuke Kyoto University AC susceptibility of Sr2RuO4 under various field-thermal treatments Abstract
Smale Scott University of Toronto Spin Transport Analogues in Quantum Gases Abstract
Takashima Rina Kyoto University Electrodynamics in Skyrmions Merging Abstract
Venkataraman Vijay Shankar University of Toronto \alpha RuCl3 - Spin orbit assisted Mott Insulator on the honeycomb lattice Abstract
Yasui Yuuki Kyoto University Search for Half-Quantum-Fluxoid States in a Micro-Ring of Sr2RuO4 Abstract
Zhang Hao University of Toronto Dependence of interfacial conduction on oxygen annealing in MBE-grown LaAlO3/SrTiO3 heterostructures Abstract
Jerod Wagman University of McMAster Two Dimensional Incommensurate Spin Excitations and Lattice Fluctuations in La2-xBaxCuO4 Abstract
Ali Khademi University of British Columbia Tuning Graphene 's Electronic Structures and Transport Properties via Heavy metal deposition Abstract
Shu Suzuki Hokkaido University Paramagnetic Instability of Small Unconventional Superconductors Abstract

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