Louis Taillefer 

Jordan Baglo 
Research Professional

Simon Fortier 

Lu Chen 

Emma Campillo 

Manel Mezidi 
PhD student

Amirreza Ataei 
PhD student

Munkhtuguldur Altangerel 
PhD student

Ashvini Vallipuram 
MSc student

Former members


Quentin Barthélemy

Post-doc, 2021-2023
Post-doc with David LeBoeuf, at LNCMI, Grenoble, France

Étienne Lefrançois

MSc, 2018-2019
PhD, 2019-2023
Training coodinator at Institut Quantique of Université de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, Canada

Marie-Eve Boulanger

MSc, 2016-2018
PhD, 2018-2022
Director, Business development at Mitacs and Pinq2, Sherbrooke, Canada

Steven Thériault

MSc, 2019-2021
No affiliation

Nicolas Doiron-Leyraud

Associate Researcher 2008-2021
Expert advisor in technology transfer and executive assistant at MEI, Montréal, Canada

Patrick Bourgeois Hope

MSc, 2015-2017
PhD, 2017-2021
Professionnel at Teledyne DALSA, Bromont, Canada

Adrien Gourgout

Post-doc, 2017-2020
Post-doc with Kameran Behnia at ESCPI, Paris, France

Clément Girod

PhD (Cotutelle Grenoble), 2017-2020
Pos-doc in Los Alamos National, Los Alamos, USA

Gaël Grissonnanche

PhD, 2011-2016
Post-doc, 2017-2019
Post-doc with Brad Ramshaw at Cornell University, Ithaca, USA

Francis Laliberté

MSc, 2008-2010
PhD, 2010-2013
Post-doc, 2016-2019
Lecturer at Séminaire de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, Canada

Maude Lizaire

MSc, 2016-2019
PhD candidate, Mila - Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute, Montréal, Canada

Bastien Loret

Post-doc, 2018-2019
No affiliation

Anaëlle Legros

PhD (Cotutelle Paris), 2015-2018
Post-doc with Peter Armitage, Johns Hopkins University, USA

Arezoo Afshar

MSc, 2015-2018
Science teacher at Richmond Regional High School, Richmond, Canada

Sven Badoux

Post-doc, 2014-2018
Marie Curie fellow, Post-doc with Anthony Carrington, University of Bristol, UK

Bastien Michon

PhD (Cotutelle Grenoble), 2014-2017
Assistant professor at City University of Hong-Kong, Hong Kong, China

Clément Collignon

PhD (Cotutelle Paris), 2014-2017
Post-doc with Pablo Jarillo-Herrero at MIT, Boston, USA

Alexandre Ouellet

MSc, 2014-2016
Professionnal at Teledyne Dalsa, Bromont, Canada

Olivier Cyr-Choinière

MSc, 2007-2009
PhD, 2009-2014
Post-Doc, 2014-2015
No affiliation

Sophie Dufour-Beauséjour

MSc, 2012-2014
PhD student at INRS, Québec, Canada

Fazel Fallah Tafti

Post-doc, 2011-2014
Assistant professor, Boston College, Boston, USA

Jacques Corbin

Technician, 2002-2014
We miss you

Marcin Matusiak

Post-doc, 2013-2014
Professor assistant, Polish Academy of Sciences, Wrocław, Pologne

Elena Hassinger

Post-doc, 2010-2014
Team leader at Max Plank Institute, Dresden, Allemagne

Alexandre Juneau-Fecteau

MSc, 2011-2014
PhD student at Université de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, Canada

Samuel René de Cotret

MSc, 2010-2013
Chromatography Specialist at Morgan Schaffer, Montréal, Canada

Ryan Gordon

Post-doc, 2011-2012
Physicist at IBM research (Watson Research Center) New York, USA

Jean-Philippe Reid

MSc, 2005-2009
PhD, 2009-2012
Element AI Research Intern, Montréal, Canada

Kevin Kirshenbaum

Visiting PhD student, 2012
Researcher at the Institute for Defense Analyses, Upton, USA

Takenori Fujii

Visiting professor, 2012
Professor, Tokyo University, Tokyo, Japan

Johan Chang

Post-doc, 2008-2012
Professor, University of Zurich, Germany

Xi-gang Luo

Post-doc, 2007-2010
Associate professor, USTC, China

David Leboeuf

PhD, 2005-2009
Researcher, CNRS, Grenoble, France

Ramzy Daou

Post-doc, 2006-2009
Researcher, CNRS, Caen, France

Hamideh Shakeripour

PhD (Dean's Honorary Mention), 2003-2008
Post-doc, 2008-2010
Assistant professor, Isfahan U. of Technology, Iran

Shiyan Li

Post-doc, 2002-2007
Professor, Fudan University, China

Makariy Tanatar

Post-doc and research professional, 2001-2007
Researcher, AMES National Lab, USA

Ronan Larger

MSc, 2003-2005
No affiliation

Mike Sutherland

PhD, 1999-2005
Research physicist, Cambridge University, UK

David Hawthorn

PhD, 1999-2005
Assistant professor, University of Waterloo

Johnpierre Paglione

PhD, 1999-2005
Professor, University of Maryland, USA

Filip Ronning

Post-doc, 2001-2003
Researcher, Los Alamos National Lab, USA

Etienne Boaknin

PhD, 1998-2003

Robert Hill

Post-Doc, 1998-2003
Associate professor, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Christian Lupien

MSc et PhD, 1995-2001
Research professional at Université de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, Canada

Cyril Proust

Post-doc, 1999-2001
Director of research at CNRS, Toulouse, France

Andrew MacFarlan

Post-doc, 1999-2001
Assistant professor, University of British Columbia, Vancoucer, Canada

May Chiao

PhD, 1994-1999
Chief editor at Nature Astronomy

Brett Ellman

Post-doc, 1993-1999
Associate professor, Kent State University, USA

Benoit Lussier

PhD, 1992-1996
Expert in Nanoscience, Gouvernement du Québec

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